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Our Commitment - PT Bina Karya Prima



We, PT Bina Karya Prima produce packaged edible cooking oil and other derivatives products as our main business. We continue to commit ourselves to always produce healthy and more beneficial products for the community. We believe that producing good quality products will ensure our business sustainably.


Our commitment to sustainable production systems is apparent with the achievement of SNI Certification, HALAL, ISO and Kosher. We are still continuing implement other Quality Certification.


Commitment PT Bina Karya Prima to NDPE


We believe that sustainable businesses need a balance between Business need and environmental protection and humanwell-being. We make a commitment on No Deforestation, No Peat, and No Exploitation as a policy for PT Bina Karya Prima.


Our commitment :

  1. No Deforestation and No Development on Peat
    • We will strive to ensure no development on High Carbon Stock (HCS) and High Conservation Value (HCV) areas;
    • We will not engage in burning for land clearing and other activities;
    • We wil not develop new areas on peat;
    • Where existing peat plantings exist, we will strive to implement best management practices;
    • We will play an active role in disseminating the NDPE program to stakeholders associated with us including all our suppliers;
    • We will implement NDPE policy throughout our supply chain;
    • We are constantly encouraging our current suppliers to implement NDPE policy;
    • We will prioritize potential suppliers who are committed to NDPE as new business partner;
    • We will gradually increase buying raw materials from suppliers who also committed to NDPE and sustainability;
    • We will develop a traceable supply chain logging system;
    • We will always ready to cooperate with Governments, Non-Governmental Organizations (LSM) and other Organizations to implement NDPE policy and Government Regulations on the Environment.
  2. No Exploitation of People and Local Communities
    • We will always respect and support Human Rights in line with the UN Declaration on Human Rights;
    • We will ensure the rights of indigenous communities on their lands are respected and upheld through the implementation of Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC);
    • We constantly ensure compliance with all employment regulations set by the government or the Manpower Office;
    • We will always strive to work with contractors, consultants, and other third parties who also adhere to the Employment regulations;
    • We will not employ under-age children and not do business with third parties who employ under-age children;
    • We will always strive to provide the system wages and welfare for our employees at least according to minimum wages of the Government's regulation;
    • We will always participate to the community around the location where the business to provide the value for the surrounding community;
    • We will implement CSR programs for the surrounding community on an ongoing basis;
    • We will establish a grievance management procedure that enables all stakeholders to report on possible violations of this policy in our supply chain.

To all our business partners who have implemented NDPE policies, we are highly appreciative and we are ready to provide full support.


We will commence to disclose on an annual basis the full list of mills supplying to us. On an annual basis, we will report on the implementation of our policy through our Annual Progress Report and RSPO Annual Communications on Progress (ACOP).